Services for Substance Abuse

Substance Misuse Prevention Services

People need knowledge, skills, and resources to be able to make healthy decisions about their behavior. Evidence based prevention programming provides the tools to keep individuals, families, and communities healthy.

OnPoint Prevention Services are designed to:

  1. Reduce individual, family, and environmental risk factors
  2. Increase protective factors and resilience
  3. Raise awareness in the general public of problems associated with substance abuse and violence
  4. Provide individuals and communities with appropriate action steps for change.

Prevention services utilize a collaborative approach to provide universal programs targeting the general population and selected programs targeting individuals and families. Environmental strategies used seek to identify and reduce the conditions in the community that increase the risk of substance abuse and promote those conditions that reduce the risk of abuse.

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Substance Abuse

​We assist those currently experiencing problems with the use of alcohol or other drugs, as well as those required to participate in treatment for substance misuse.