Formerly ACCMHS

Have you heard? We are now OnPoint, Caring for Allegan County! Click here to learn more about our new logo and this exciting new chapter!

Welcome to OnPoint

At OnPoint, we provide managed mental health care and a variety of services and support to residents of Allegan County. Quality service is provided to people with mental illness, a developmental disability, and their families. Quality care is provided through experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, nurses, job developers, and support providers. Each professional works in conjunction with a 12-member volunteer board made up of elected officials, primary and secondary consumers, and interested members of the Allegan County community.

Our Services

At OnPoint, we provide a range of services to all individuals with full inclusivity and without regard to national origin, religious or political beliefs, disability, or financial incomes. We work to constantly improve. We monitor how our services are delivered and the ways our services help people. Others' opinions are important to us. We ask for and use ideas for improving the quality of our services.

  • 24-hour mental health emergency services and crisis intervention services are available
  • Psychiatric hospital evaluations completed within 3 hours of request
  • Assessment and evaluation for all agency services
  • Information and referral
  • Medicaid and Medicare may be accepted
  • For 24 Hour Crisis services call 269-673-0202 or 888-354-0596
  • Mobile Crisis Info

Caring for Allegan County

Person-Centered Planning

We are committed to and deliver Person-Centered Planning (PCP). We personally work with you to develop a treatment and support plan. PCP is a protected right under the Michigan Mental Health Code.